OEMS sample ADSL Lite 5000/500 (sunrise) network cost analysis

Cost estimation internet connection for ADSL line (ISDN backup channel)
DescriptionYour unique amountYour monthly amount
domain registration
Registration fee domain name .ch oder .li (Switch) 17.00  
Domain name subscription .ch oder .li (Switch)   1.42
internet provider
Connection to the Internet (Sunrise) 100.00  
Domain Web Hosting HOSTPOINT (Standard 10GB)   9.90
SMTP mailforwarding (Sunrise)   0.00
ISDN initial cost (Swisscom) 170.00  
ISDN subscription (Swisscom)   43.00
Telephone charges for polling of incoming E-mails (Sunrise)   0.00
Telephone charges for incoming E-mails (Sunrise)   0.00
ADSL unlimited 24hours a day (Sunrise)   0.00
Monthly for ADSL Lite (Sunrise fixed network)   64.00
ISDN installation cost (Electrician), approx. 300.00  
System integration & ADSL/ISDN router/firewall 1400.00  
Total 1'987.00 118.32


Information ADSL sunrise
Information Web Hosting HOSTPOINT