OEMS sample network cost analysis

Cost of Server and monthly Internet Connection Budget
Sever version:HP ProLiant ML370 G3 Tower Server, see details below
Internet connection:ADSL Lite from Sunrise based on ISDN line(ISDN)
MicroSoft WIndows Server:Windows 2000 Server 10 Users
Number of clients:5 to 50
Description CHF
Helwett Packard ProLiant ML370 G3 Tower Server 3 year on-site Garantie NBD14,176.00
Windows 2000 Server with IIS configured and Norton AV software installed 4,000.00
Configuration and integration Cache Database software and cache pages (web Application) 5,500.00

Cost estimation internet connection for ADSL line
Description Your unique amount Your monthly amount
domain registration
Registration fee domain name .ch oder .li (Switch) 40.00  
Domain name subscription .ch oder .li (Switch)   2.92
internet provider
Connection to the Internet (Sunrise) 100.00  
Domain subscription Web TINEXT   79.00
SMTP mailforwarding (TINEXT)   0.00
ISDN initial cost (Swisscom) 170.00  
ISDN subscription (Swisscom)   43.00
Telephone charges for polling of incoming E-mails (Sunrise)   0.00
Telephone charges for incoming E-mails (Sunrise)   0.00
Telephone charges for outgoing E-mails (Sunrise)   0.00
Monthly for ADSL Lite (Sunrise fixed network)   64.00
ISDN installation cost (Electrician), approx. 600.00  
System integration & ADSL router/firewall 350.00  
Total 1,260.00 188.92

Intel Xeon 3GHz, FSB533 512MB DDR RAM(PC 3200),3x 36GB HDD SCSI 52x CDROM EIDE Drive,Floppy Drive 1.44MB 3.5,Network card 100Mbit HP DAT 72GB Tape drive SCSI, 64-bit-66 MHz Dual Channel-Wide Ultra3 SCSI Smart Array 642 Controller, Compaq T700 UPS (700VA),Norton Enterprise Anti-virus Software, 3 year Onite Support 7x24 hour reaction time, 21 DAT Backup tapes, 1 DAT Cleaning tape, 1 redundant Power supply