OEMS sample network cost analysis

Cost of Server and monthly Internet Connection Budget
Sever version:MAXDATA PC, see details below
Internet connection:ADSL based on ISDN
FreeBSD SMB Server:FreeBSD
Number of clients:5 to 50
Description CHF
MAXDATA PC 3 years Hardware Garantie 48 hours intervention 8 -17h 3,702.00
FreeBSD Installation with SMB configured 600.00
Configuration and integration 15 Workstations in network 1,500.00

Cost estimation internet connection for ADSL line (ISDN backup channel)
Description Your unique amount Your monthly amount
domain registration
Registration fee domain name .ch oder .li (Switch) 40.00  
Domain name subscription .ch oder .li (Switch)   2.92
internet provider
Connection to the Internet (Sunrise) 200.00  
Domain subscription Web Office Basic (Sunrise)   29.00
SMTP mailforwarding (Sunrise)   0.00
ISDN initial cost (Swisscom) 170.00  
ISDN subscription (Swisscom)   43.00
Telephone charges for polling of incoming E-mails (Sunrise)   0.00
Telephone charges for incoming E-mails (Sunrise)   0.00
Telephone charges for outgoing E-mails (Sunrise)   0.00
Monthly for ADSL Lite (Sunrise fixed network)   64.00
ISDN installation cost (Electrician), approx. 300.00  
System integration & ADSL/ISDN router/firewall 1400.00  
Total 2'110.00 138.92

MAXDATA Top Tower Pentium-4 2.8GHz 1MB 800FSB HT 512MB RAM (400MHz/PC 3200) Maxtor 80GB HDD U-DMA 133/ 7200rpm, CD-ROM 52x EIDE Drive, Tandburg SLR-7 Streamer 20-40GB SCSI internal, Adaptec 29320-R Ultra320 SCSI controller(for Tape Drive), 3COM 3CSM905 CX-TXM PCI 10/100MBit Network card36 months OnSite Service on hardware 48 hours mon- fri 8-17h, 15" monitor TFT analog,

Information ADSL sunrise
Information Web Office sunrise